Indicating peace for 2007

Similar to every wartime, perhaps we will exit Iraq in bed.
Propaganda, media and business are preparing the sales theme of 2007.

The UK’s Dr Petra Boynton points to upcoming trends in Sex Predictions for 2007:

This year you can expect to see a lot of media coverage in the UK, US and Canada on ‘great’ or ‘super’ sex. This will be in the form of books, television programmes and magazine features and include topics such as ‘how to have the best sex ever’, ‘how to have the best sex in the world/universe’, ‘how to have more/better orgasms’, ‘how to get more sex’, and ‘how to be really fantastic in bed’.

Related to these programmes/features will be classes run from either sex stores or by individuals teaching ‘great sex’ techniques. Most of this coverage won’t be based on evidence but will be based on a one-size-fits-all approach to sex. Contrary to good sex advice, rather than encouraging exploration and adventure we’ll be told what good sex is and how to achieve it.

The programmes/articles will be built around product placement and feature ‘sexperts’ who may not be the best qualified to offer advice on exploring sex. The emphasis of media coverage will be around positions, body parts, hormones, techniques and activities with little information on communication, culture, choice and pleasure.

It’s anticipated this media coverage will be hugely popular, but will also create more questions and anxieties in audiences who probably won’t find the information easy to act upon and will blame themselves when they don’t get the best sex ever or become the best lover in the world.

Not to be overlooked is the link between propaganda, indoctrination [wickipedia]