Impotent Briefcases

James Dyson, The Guardian: “…the young are innately curious about how and why things work.”

“Yet what happens between childhood and adulthood? We stamp it out of them.

“Engineering gets stigmatised and we encourage our kids to become “professionals” – lawyers, accountants, doctors. … engineers are not accorded the status they deserve.

“And the snobbery extends to education. Design and technology is struggling to shake off a dreary image and is lumbered with a perception that it is secondary to so-called academic subjects.

‘We need to rediscover that fascination with that train set of our childhood.

”We’ve built our modern economy on the service sector, loans, banking and the bubble. Now that’s collapsed, we should seek to base it on something long term with solid foundations. If we don’t, we risk losing an already weakened position for good.

‘Making money from money should be replaced with making money from making.”