imperial creationism

Tyler Cowen, What is a Conservative’s beliefs?

  1. Evil is real and there exist evil nations in the world.
  2. The United States in particular has been unselfish to a remarkable degree.
  3. The spread of nuclear weapons to irrational, evil and undeterrable powers is the number one foreign policy issue.
  4. Societies succeed if strong family structures support an emphasis on learning and acculturation.
  5. Side with the laws and customs associated with the Western powers and their growth into powerful and durable societies.
  6. We do not have either the resources or the norms to remake society in the direction of a fully-comfortable-for-everyone social democracy.
  7. Fiscal conservatism is part and parcel of conservatism.
  8. Small government is a means to the values which lie behind Western civilization and it is a means toward the prosperity we need to live well and defend ourselves.
  9. Responsibility is a more important value than either liberty or equality.