I propose to love the waves

The froth of waves

The waves come in again and again,
Come in from the sea to the shore.
The waves come in and retreat and then
Leave that part which retreats no more.

The waves come in on watery feet
With no two ever the same.
The waves come in, the earth to meet.
Then leave constant, untamed.

The waves sing out in watery voice
To earth and sky and cloud.
What message is’t to man they pose
Now gentle then now loud?

The waves come in to the land from the sea.
Their tops a’foaming and curled.
Their great voice repeats whisperingly
That each is a part of this world.

Oh, I propose to love the waves
As they have indeed loved me.
Waves bring the gift that each heart craves:
Peace is the gift of the sea.

China Camp
Ruth Lubow Baratta
Marin, 1982