How to be a great audience

Seth Godin posits,

It’s easy to fall into the trap of believing that information is just delivered to you. That rock stars and violinists and speakers and preachers and teachers and tour guides get paid to perform and the product is the product. But it’s not true. Great audiences get more.

Great audiences not only get more energy and more insight and more focused answers to their questions, they also get better jobs and find better relationships. Because the skills and the attitude are exactly the same.

Frank ZappaI remember my first rock concert.
Frank Zappa stared at me from the stage.
Singled out and embarassed, I
instantly froze my dancing and hooting. But he said loudly into his mike,


There’s different ways of showing your appreciation than just sitting there clapping.

I get so damn sick of clapping.

Use your imagination.

Can’t you guys think of something better than clapping; Like this guy?”

Link to Zappa Family Trust