how nuts we all

Unusually frank interview with Howie Mandel:

Were you afraid of being being labeled crazy?

Yeah. In Middle America and corporate America, if in the course of a day you said, “I need Thursday afternoon off to go to the dentist,” nobody would even flinch. But if you said, “You know what, I need an hour off because I’m going to run to the psychiatrist,” your coworkers may not flinch outwardly, but you might see some ramifications later on. And even with nothing seemingly wrong, you go twice a year to your dentist to see if everything’s OK and get a cleaning, but God forbid you should just go and speak to somebody and say, “Is this normal that I’m reacting this way or I feel this kind of pressure or anxiety, or my relationship is a little tough right now, or I feel this kind of pressure at work?” just to make sure that you have the coping skills. And that’s whether you’ve got a label or you don’t have a label, whether it be OCD, depression, or you’re just anxious about something, or a family member has been diagnosed with something, or you lose somebody, or you’re feeling pressure at work.