How deep our injury?

What’s wrong with justice?

Bush says,

“That’s their decision. That doesn’t mean I have to agree with it.”

[Whitehouse version] [a Dissent]

What’s wrong with democracy?


We let dying defend too little.

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I’m deeply embarrassed to accuse. It’s far different than I care to be. Yet in a time of concern, our days of loss and tomorrow of debt, I want to be strong, urging, and able.

Is it true we’re fooled? Is it true we merely gild the rich? Is it true our leaders tell lies to us? Do they favor friends? Are tricks common and principles lost?

We see millions dying and killed, millions, and cannot understand and no longer respect our effort.

Oh, the incongruity! My butter heart is too thick in these dilute waters.

I know these are temporary days, as short as the longest war, but I truly truly ache so deep because we have no fist, no grip, no hand that is building our prosperity or keeping our grand horizon, nor assisting our survival, nor proud to share it.

We cannot let our era be fruitless labor. We cannot let heritage be cheap.

Not once are these odd failing days where we put our hope. Then, not once we give our hope to arrogance, not cheap satisfaction, never falsity.

We know we have proud days.

I’m sure these are proud times too.

These are times our conscience comes.