how bloody mall of you

~ Mustafa Demiri ~

Tears might have filled the vast Amazon from what fell from everyone’s eye when they heard with great trepidation the rainforest rivers were dry.

In the land of the great pyramids, there shall arise such a cry when the Nile will have reversed its course and no one on Earth will know why. The Great Wall of Qin could not contain the numbers that will suffer and die while the Yangtze and all of her sisters have been poisoned with sulphur and lye.

The once beautiful blue Danube, the sacred Ganges of golden hue, the broad and verdant Mississip’ —their loss the world will rue unless we, the stewards of this world, decide on what to do.

It’s been a little more than a century since the dawn of industry. Still some of us refuse to see our destiny. Perhaps we’ll not escape every cataclysm or event —there are, of course, the natural furies but there are things we can prevent.

Ellen Wohl:

Far from being the serene, natural streams of yore, modern rivers have been diverted, dammed, dumped in, and dried up…

…nutrient runoff,
…industrial pollution,
…beaver and fauna removal,
…convenience channelization,
…levees, dams, poor engineering,
…drugs, pesticides, garbage, sewage…

We’ve lost our view of what a river must be.

He sendeth the springs into the valleys, which run among the hills. ~Psalm 104:1