A Genteel Meditation On Chickens:

Watching chickens is a very old human pastime, and the forerunner of psychology, sociology and management theory. Watching chickens helps us understand human motivations and interactions and why so many words and phrases have something in common with chickens:

  1. pecking order,
  2. cockiness,
  3. ruffling somebody’s feathers,
  4. taking somebody under your wing,
  5. fussing like a mother hen,
  6. strutting,
  7. bantamweight fighter,
  8. clipping someone’s wings,
  9. beady eyes,
  10. chicks,
  11. to crow,
  12. to flock,
  13. get in a flap,
  14. coming home to roost,
  15. don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched,
  16. nest eggs
  17. preening.