Healthcare mis-management

We can be more than twice as likely to die if we choose the wrong hospital.

HealthGrades, which evaluated Medicare records from 40.6 million hospitalizations, estimated that a patient treated at a hospital that received five stars, the stellar rating, had a 69% lower chance of dying than a similar patient treated at a hospital rated one-star, the poorest, and a 49% lower chance of death than if treated at an average hospital (three stars).

Only 15% of America’s 5,000 hospitals received five-stars.

More than 300,000 Medicare patients died from 2003 to 2005 because they were hospitalized in institutions that were average or poor.

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Ira Allen at Science Blog asserts in Great Expectations: “…the most critical element in the system – the public – has yet to be let in on what [we] must actually do in order to get good care.”