Greenspan again

From Edward Harrison’s blog:

Faber goes on to explain that not only did the key players fail to understand what was going on – when it was obvious to him, us and millions of others – they then misdiagnosed the problem and prescribed the wrong treatment. They thought it was a liquidity crisis; so they threw billions in cash at dying institutions.

At every step of the way, the feds have been clueless, hopeless, and defenseless. It was the feds who lent money at negative real interest rates for more than 5 years. It was the feds who pretended to “regulate” and “control” the marketplace… claiming to protect investors from fraud and malfeasance. It was the feds who licensed the banks… set banking standards… blessed derivatives because they “distributed risk more widely” (Greenspan)… urged people to buy adjustable rate mortgages (Greenspan again)… praised sub-prime lending because it encouraged home ownership… and even told consumers to “go out and buy an SUV” in order to give the economy a boost (Fed governor Robert Tier).

The feds piled up the tinder… poured on the gasoline… and lit the match. And now, what do you know… they’ve all joined the fire department!