Granite Frisbee

There are 1000s & 1000s of, I swear, perfect skipping stones in the delta bed of the Eel River.

I’m astounded. I would never have imagined anything like it. Every footstep reveals a handful of granite frisbee to spin. There can’t be another factory like it anywhere.

I’m stunned there isn’t a global championship event each year. A regional charity competition. Speaking of which, the Fortuna AutoExpo was a kick. Many many sweet rigs under the perfect coastal sun.

google offers up some fun entries with ‘perfect skipping stone‘, for instance, a physicist has answered his son’s quest for the perfect skipping stone that maximizes its number of bounces on a lake,

Mathematically speaking, the number of bounces equals
velocity squared divided by gravity and the distance.

In 1992, a man in Blanco River, Texas,
set the world record for the most bounces: 38.

In 2002, Kurt “Mountain Man” Steiner took the record to 40. But in the summer of 2007, Guinness certified a new record of an outstanding 51 skips by Russell “Rock Bottom” Byars.