Gracious in Defeat

John McCain – the veteran war hero – finally gave up the fight on an Arizonan lawn, under a cloudless night sky, by gently swaying palm trees.

At the BBC on McCain’s Last Battle, there are many comments from readers in the UK and around the world. You will be heartened by reading a few. There are several smart, warm and healing statements from many citizens.

Here in Amman, the sun seems to be shining more brightly this morning. I teach in Queen Rania’s school and the children are walking around wishing each other a ‘Happy Obama Day’. Says it all really.

Thank you, John McCain, it graces him to be magnanamous in defeat like this.
It is good that Obama is to be the next president, and also good that McCain is indicating his recognition of the way the world is changing.
All very positive.

McCain was gracious in defeat and is an inspiration for many. How he conducted himself should be taken as a shining example by leaders everywhere on how to deal with loss and how to be the better person in your worst hour.