Governance as War

Karl Rove and his entire ilk shame our world, shrink our goodwill and sucker us with slogans until we believe lies.

White House press secretary Scott McClellan describing the Bush administration:

“…deliberation and compromise, elements central to governing, all but disappeared.”

Pennsylvania Avenue is a campaign of dominance. The “mentality of political manipulation” operates around the clock.

Thomas Jefferson warned that Washington D.C. should be moved every generation or so. You didn’t know that?

He worried that an embedded class would, just naturally, infiltrate every office and hallway until every politician and bureaucrat would serve only themselves, a perpetual Versailles.

Jefferson’s recommendation to the American people was to relocate the three branches of government, train and hire new staff, and invigorate our Constitution with new officers and elected representatives.

As pop-up cities easily appear in Dubai and China, as raising an Olympics or building new trade routes consume billions of dollars, what can be a better investment for America than revitalizing justice and honor in a new capitol?