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Conservatives are a bunch of Hummer-driving, meat-eating, gun-toting, hard-drinking, Bible-thumping, black-and-white- thinking, fist-pounding, shoe-stomping, morally hypocritical blowhards.

Liberals are a bunch of hybrid-driving, tofu-eating, tree-hugging, whale-saving, sandal-wearing, bottled-water-drinking, ACLU-supporting, flip-flopping, wishy-washy, namby-pamby bed wetters.

Jonathan Haidt and his University of Virginia colleague Jesse Graham surveyed the moral opinions of more than 110,000 people from dozens of countries and have found why liberals and conservatives differ.

Liberals can feel the pain of others, giving rise to the virtues of kindness, gentleness and nurturance, a reciprocal altruism, fairness, a sense of justice.

Conservatives tend toward tribalism, patriotism, authority, respect, tradition, hierarchical social structures, and disgust related to disease and contamination of bodily purity.

Deric Bownds suggests you can take the survey yourself.