globe & fail

If we worry about human suffering, war does not make sense. …every conceivable fear is fear of our invincibility

…our most extraordinary knee deep

… strategic patience

Fear, Optimism, Guilt = War

Saying so little. Let’s get real. There’s nothing in our way. Words. Too few ideas. We like ideas. Darn it. We are starving out here. Something is wrong about shilling. Colonels are a good rank to do it. Billionaires are the best at it. I’m born to worry about both. My mom says I have dead brothers in old wars. When will we ignore? It’s sick. America is what we do. Damn it’s tiring. We won’t make dreams come true.

Rory Stewart, a member of the British Parliament, examines the effects of political and military interventions.

“Lack of attention to details such as a region’s language, culture, and political and social mores can lead to failure.”

…lead to war.

Our world is odd.
It does not make sense.
If we worry about human suffering, war is bad.