get up off your lazy behind


It’s time to wake up and realize the facts. America has only one political party. And they plan to keep it that way. This is how all mafias operate.

So stop poisoning your mind with the propaganda and start doing your own research. Find out the truth for yourself because I can guarantee you that you won’t get it from the media. The media’s mission is not to deliver accurate news or valuable insight. Their mission is to maximize profits. The best way to do that is to serve the interests of their financial sponsors. Figure it out.

And stop wasting your time at these useless stupid tea parties. Many of these events are headed by radio talking head propagandists. These are the same lying idiots using rudimentary psychological tactics to seize control over your mind. They position themselves on the side of the people when this simply isn’t the case. You’ve been fooled. Figure it out.

These are the same scumbags who bitch about bailouts and government control, yet they advocate billions of dollars in Wall Street bonuses and criminal CEO compensation. They connect with your “sense of patriotism,” then hijack your mind with lies and manipulation. This is the same tactic they used when pushing for the war in Iraq. This is the same tactic parents use on toddlers.

Are you really that stupid to not see how you have been fooled? You are a kid being fooled by adult idiots and liars.

Most of the participants of these tea parties are mad as Hell, but they have been fooled into blaming Obama and the Democratic Party for the mess America finds itself in, when the fact is that it’s a Washington problem. Where were these tea parties last year when the Bush administration got the bailout ball rolling?

Most Americans not only have very short memories, they simply aren’t that bright.