geesh-a-rama aunt Isabel Holt of Minneapolis enjoyed much adventure post-WWII. For instance, she had an act in the “Ice Follies” with her ice skating dog, a boxer named Duke.

Duke had four paw-skates, as precise and expensive as professional figure skates, with the sharp toe picks on chrome-plated blades and the speed-eyelets to lace his white tapered skate boots !! He could do circles and figure eights and race along the sideboards. But dogs can’t turn their ankles, so he would stop by sliding on his butt. To grand applause, the last part of his act was to sit on the cold ice as he slid through the curtain. I loved Duke.

I remember her story about driving her tiny English Austin car west of Denver over Rocky Mountain roads chugging at perhaps 15 miles per hour when a huge boulder slammed into her roof, filling the entire interior, splitting the doors open, and spilling her onto the road unhurt!

Her husband Marvin Holt passed away in 2007 at the age of 93.