Garbage in. Heartbreak out.

Pet Food Ingredients RevealedIt’s time to know what’s in pet food.

Pet food formulator Dr. Lisa Newman and Mike Adams of the non-profit Consumer Wellness Center have analyzed the ingredients of 448 popular pet food products sold in the United States – 570 ingredients.

“As you view these lists, keep in mind that most popular pet food products are made with extremely poor quality ingredients. As recent pet food scares have clearly demonstrated, pet food is a dumping ground for meat byproducts unfit for human consumption.

“Even many so-called “natural” or “premium” pet food products are made with ingredients of dubious quality. The pet food industry, by and large, is driven solely by profit, and most pet food manufacturers source the cheapest possible ingredients to put into their products, regardless of the detrimental health consequences on pets.

“The huge rise in diabetes and cancer in dogs and cats over the last two decades, for example, is almost entirely due to the toxic ingredients commonly used in pet food and pet treats.”

Do not be fooled by claims of “natural” or “wholesome” on pet food product packaging.

Virtually any pet food product can claim to be “natural,” even ones that use synthetic petrochemicals that cause cancer.

There is virtually no effective regulation of pet food health claims…

This is a somewhat unwieldy posting. The ‘list’ ranks ingredients and provides a simple explanation. It seems to be an excellent reference to cross-check and learn about labels. This work certainly points out the need to pressure manufacturers to improve their products, to improve compliance standards and disclosure requirements, and to hold firms liable for damage and costs.

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