game theory & nudge

Thaler puts transparency in government above all.

It is essential that people feel they are – and actually are – making a free choice.

But when Richard Thaler says the right outcomes are defined by the people being nudged, it does beg a question about how democracy works.

Do we know there is behavioral economics?

“Some people claim the techniques developed through BE are helping governments and big corporations manipulate us without our knowing.

“Should we be scared?”

We want to look at this 1968 documentary, yes it’s raw, about salesmen, well, let’s just say about bibles, before pots & pans, before encyclopedias and Fuller Brush, before real estate, pink Cadillacs and Tupperware, before gold parties, far before gold parties… [nudge]

How far is our democracy from missionaries and bible sales?

Doorways are forever inviting.