Future food from seaweed?

Cavi-Art seaweed caviarHow many new foods can we expect to be produced from seaweed?

Cavi-Art is a product made of seaweed that looks and tastes exactly like salmon caviar or lumpfish caviar (four varieties).

Cooking for Engineers says,

“When we were first presented with the salmon Cavi-Art, we thought it looked amazing.

Even after being told it was made from seaweed and after close examination, I thought it looked exactly like salmon roe. (Unfortunately, I didn’t have a side by side comparison with real salmon roe.) The flavor and texture of the roe was uncanny as well. The surface of each Cavi-Art drop had just the right amount of tension and the burst of flavor as they burst in your mouth was so close to salmon roe that I honestly couldn’t tell the difference. I think the main benefits of Cavi-Art is that it’s shelf stable, doesn’t contribute to overfishing, and (for calorie conscious guests) low in calories.”

I’ll have the Kelp Filet please.