French Plies

The most important thing to remember is this, says David Lebovitz on the trials and comforts of Paris.

A sky-high, billowy Vanilla SoufflĂ©, served with a warm pitcher of salted butter caramel sauce.“Whenever you approach someone, realize that you’re bothering them.

“Whenever someone approaches you, act like they’re bothering you.

“It’s a fine line and there’s a little dance you do in shops when you need assistance. First, you have to bother them, so they have to act bothered back.

“Then if they ask you a follow-up question, you need to act bothered back. Most of the time, even more so than they looked when you bothered them. You don’t want them to think you’re more important than they are, do you?

“So then they think that you being bothered by them is more important than them being bothered by you.

“Got that?”

Of course, a “sky-high, billowy Vanilla SoufflĂ© served with a warm pitcher of salted butter caramel” is no bother whatsoever. Seems to be out and out bribery. You think?