fraudulently feudal

Charles Hughes Smith asked himself how much of his money goes to cartels and monopolies. The answer: most of it.

  1. Mortgage: Most mortgages are processed and serviced by a mere handful of big players, so regardless of who owns your mortgage now, the mortgage/banking cartel is more than likely collecting a nice piece of it, and a chunk of the origination fees as well.
  2. Utilities: For heat, water and electricity, your money likely goes to a monopoly.
  3. Telecom: Phone, Internet and mobile services are divvied up amongst a handful of major providers.
  4. Food: A handful of corporations dominate the supermarket business, a handful of businesses dominate food distribution, a handful dominate the market for bulk grain and commodities like sugar, and a handful of global food giants manufacture most of the packaged food in the supermarkets.
  5. Eating out: A huge percentage of meals-away-from-home are served by a handful of firms.
  6. Media: News and entertainment industries are dominated by a handful of global corporations, so whatever money you spend on media and entertainment flows to a cartel.
  7. Cars: A handful of global auto manufacturers also handle the majority of auto financing.
  8. Retail: Most discretionary and consumer spending is to a few chains.
  9. Medical: The big bucks flow through a handful of HMOs or insurers to a handful of hospital chains, and the vast majority of all those funny little pills you get by the boatload every month are manufactured and marketed by a handful of global pharmaceutical giants.
  10. Garbage: Waste Management dominates the trash-service market.

Your state and local governments are behaving like a cartel too. As are political parties.

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