FOX fouls imagery

Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, running for Senate on Fox NewsYou can say illiteracy or inattention caused it.

Or is FOX News too eager to show a black candidate juxtaposed against a victorious white man?

Harl Delos noticed Fox News referring to the Lincoln-Douglas debate of 1860 between Lincoln, the Republican candidate for president, and Douglas, the Democratic candidate for president.

Stephen A. Douglas, 1858The actual Democratic candidate was Stephen A. Douglas, but the man pictured by Fox News was Frederick Douglass, one of the most prominent figures in African American history and a formidable public presence.

While invoking its foul propaganda, FOX also fails to mention Frederick Douglass was the running mate for Victoria Woodhull, who ran for president in 1872 on the Equal Rights Party ticket.

Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for the presidency. Her running mate Frederick Douglass was fond of saying,

“I would unite with anybody to do right
and with nobody to do wrong.”

The job is yours now!