Forewarning of a people

Billionaires, the elite, and politicians use government chiefly as a means to get their hands on our country’s resources – to enrich themselves.

In South America have they finally awaken? Is it true? Daniel Hannan writing for The Telegraph concedes,

Cliff McReynolds, Landscape with Chase Manhattan Cathedral“The free-market parties that ran the region in the 1990s had their chance and failed.

“Rightists have been the chief authors of their own pulverisation.

“For, across Latin America, people were not so much voting for the autocrats as against the old elites.

“Even now, conservatives in South America don’t seem to grasp the scale of their defeat.

“Too many of them still see politics in Leftist terms as a class war. Their concern is to look after ‘their’ people rather than to construct an ideology capable of attracting genuine popular support.”


“Party democracy was seen to have failed, so people turned to strongmen.

When they, too, fail, where will their voters go?”

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