For Why Is Wealth?

PoleRouter, first polar flightNo man or woman once impressed me with a Rolex or a Cadillac nor appeased me with a little white dog. Better status is on my mind. I think of putting greens beside the patio and I am sad, not for their happiness, but for yours.

Where did it begin, false pride? With you I’m sorry to say. Choose any Century. Fools and gold are always much too much for any civilization.

A PoleRouter had always the status of a high-quality luxurious watch. In the late 1950’s a steel PoleRouter cost as much as a Rolex Explorer. An 18k PoleRouter with a gold bracelet had nearly the price of a car.

We have worked so hard. Navigators, engineers, day upon day. So proud and good. Of course a gilt wrist proves it. But only for you.

The greater pride is living here well. Wear that. Impress me.