Food Safety Problems

Game Theory in government, relying on obtuse statistical systems to run a nation, has wrecked dozens and hundreds of important programs and restraints in the USA. Some people need eye to eye contact. After almost 30 years of so-called lesser government, our Executive Branch Agencies are a mess; a greater burden than big government. Food contamination and increased recalls are another canary.

Sick animals in our food supply indicate not merely a risk to health but a dilution of pride in our production and inspection system. Weak, fallen and ill cattle is the tip of the iceberg. The vast majority of our ranchers and plants are ‘competent’ and strive to exceed industry benchmarks, but cracks in the system are too common.

In the latest 143 million pound recall – two hamburgers for every American – only beef is in the headlines, but there are no laws or government agency policies that currently prevent downed pigs, sheep, goats or other livestock from going to slaughter for human consumption.