Flippant Spectrum Disorder

Talk Show Bullies have rampaged our airwaves enough.

The firing of Michael Savage is essential.

Comment by Kim Stagliano, Writer, Blogger, Mom to three girls with autism
Autism is not an acceptable whipping boy 6 hours ago

Many of us who have commented on this story to the media have worried about giving Michael Savage more publicity. I suppose we are. But it’s important that people understand that autism is a complex disorder and ranges greatly in its severity, but is often extremely disabling. Savage has managed to bring together many of the disparate voices in our community as we stand in defense of our loved ones. By the way, that whole, “bilking the government” statement? I can assure you, most of us with kids on the spectrum are just about broke from the costs. Until recently, most states didn’t even accept autism as disability qualifying for Department of Disability Services (DDS) programs. People with autism often have IQ’s “too high” to meet the old standards of what was called, “mental retardation” in the past, and so their applications were rejected. That’s changing some, thank goodness.