flaming the ignorance

Each of America’s great political crises have really been about the economy.

In our time it’s about energy coming from devices, as opposed to energy as resources. Resources haveĀ  to be transformed by fire to become energy. Devices harness energy from the environment.

There is, in fact, plenty of energy all around us — as much as we could ever use. Coming down from the sky, flowing under the Earth, blowing across our land. What we need are devices that can harness it.

Meanwhile we have a Stupid Economy.

It’s stupid because there is an economic force stifling growth we feel powerless to get past, because that force seems to control our politics. In this case, it’s energy billionaires like the Koch Brothers, the oil power, and to a lesser extent coal.

Look closely at who funds the Republican National Committee, all the ‘wingnut welfare’ groups and Tea Party arcades.

Follow the money where it doesn’t want you to go and it’s the same collection of names — energy men and their bankers.

But their economic time has passed.

Dana Blankenhorn