flaming our votes

Without governments as we know them, regions can become territories of the used. We struggle against tyranny and for that, over thousands of years, ladies and gentlemen, we have built charter and civility. But Gingrich emphasized today that not only did God ordain a limited role for government, God, and not the government, is the source of individual rights. “God gives you sovereignty,” said Gingrich, and “the government doesn’t define rights.”

The easiest way to lead people by the nose is through their morality. This speaks to danger greater than all others. We know by the al Qaeda and by Taliban, by all fervor in power, by graves of pain under our footsteps, there is no greater error. Uprising itself is terror. Well before wounds of war, our minds fill with blood. For that we built civil government.

Free you are to pray and ponder this awe of life, so declares our charters. Our charters!  Shudder over the lives made dead to make them. Oh yes, our dead truly did define our rights, and it was government they built to keep them.

Our government is not a ground for pulpits. We made this American government to end that terror. It may be convenient to make political demands moral demands, but it the cheapest use of history.

More greedy for stature than restrained to reasoned policy, Gingrich toys with votes. It’s clear the RNC is committed to heating and urgency. I’m ashamed they use this route to power. District by district it is extracting bias from ignorance and steering it to the polls. Opportunism. There’s pathology in that. There’s tyranny in that.