Firearms Friday

So what’s Sarah Palin’s first appearance since resigning? She chose ‘Firearms Friday’, a gun rights show on KFAR radio in Fairbanks. She said wanted to free herself of the constraints of the governor’s job so that she could “get out there and fight”. Gee whiz.

Or as Andrew Sullivan writes in the Times:

The idea of Sarah Palin, though, is sadly not the reality of Sarah Palin. The reality of Sarah Palin is that politics is a means to her higher goal: celebrity.

And this helps explain the broader problem with American conservatism right now. It is less a movement than an industry.

From Fox News to talk radio to conservative publishing houses, it has created an alternate and lucrative media reality that is worth a fortune to those able to exploit it.

Alas, these alternative media thrive on paranoia, hatred of liberal elites and growing extremist rhetoric made worse by a hermetically sealed echo chamber of true believers.