Female veterans abandoned

I find myself in sorry stories of America’s war.

An estimated 8,000 female veterans are homeless in the US – the most in the nation’s history and a number that is expected to increase as more women return from the war in Iraq. At the same time, services to help these women stay off the streets are lagging behind.

Nearly 15 percent of the military is female. “The VA is trying to gear up services for women, but frankly it’s not enough given what we are dealing with.” There’s not even a re-integration program for female veterans in every state. [story]

So much to haunt our days.

As Al Gore says of Bush and this war:

“He waged the politics of blind faith. He used a counterfeit combination of misdirected vengeance and misguided dogma to dominate the national discussion, bypass reason, silence dissent, and intimidate those who question his logic both inside and outside the administration.”