Feed expert strikes alarm

Toxic melamine entered the human food chain not by accident, but deliberately.

“Dogs and cats die from eating the product, but apparently it’s OK to give it to livestock and humans.”, summarizes Emmy Koeleman, reporting from the animal feed hub AllAboutFeed.

“Although it is getting more complex each day, the details are starting to come to the surface. The whole pet food scare doesn’t include only pets anymore, it has spread to pigs and poultry and who knows what more! And when will it stop?”

“When US officials visited the source of the contamination –China- it was concluded that the use of melamine in raw materials (intended for animal feed and pet food) was normal. How can the use of a toxic ingredient for live animals be normal?”

“But what hits me most is that after all the panic, pet food companies did not destroy the pet food. No, that would be a waste! They sold it to companies that make pig and poultry feed. Is it just me that is missing an important part here?”

“The huge panic still fresh in my memory, I now realise that US health officials do not mind that the contaminated feed enters the human food chain? They say the health risks are minimal , but how do they know and where is the real data backing up this statement?”