Feed biology

A 25 year ally and friend asks if I can start importing a probiotic animal feed supplement (bags or bulk) into the USA, Canada or the Americas.

We’ve carried on as trade representatives and developers including major term agreements in coal, ore, tech, food commodities, but not technical agriculture products.

This Korean product is a powder containing various cultured beneficial bacteria.

An ISO Japanese firm owns purchase contracts. There are other important customers in Asia.

Studies indicate beneficial “starter bacteria” reduce or eliminate the use of antiobiotics in weaning animals– starting a strong intestinal flora quickly and displacing problems.

Large firms in the USA seem to contract and control formulations in house but it also seems that medium and smaller mills and growers may be interested.

I’m no expert. Can you assist?
Are you raising cattle, pork or poultry?
Are you working in our great feed market?

Can we distribute in the Americas?
Global business logistics isn’t necessary.
I’m asking if you will join with me to build new options.