Fat Diesel

Food vs. Fuel has many Flavors

Tyson Foods will use beef, pork and poultry fat in order to create diesel fuel.

Tyson will divert animal fat (tallow) from some of its rendering ops while ConocoPhillips will ramp up refining that will blend the fat into conventional crude channels – improving performance somewhat. A proprietary process refinery – thermal depolymerization – is to be built by ConocoPhillips.

Tyson said they were pleased to be “leveraging our leadership position in the food industry to identify and commercialize renewable fuel opportunities” and worried about a marketplace “driven by factors such as the prices of wholesale diesel and animal fat.”


I’m posting this because of three points:

  1. Oh, what to do with huge inventories of slaughter waste?!?
  2. “Added Fat” is a major food ingredient that may now have a better home.
  3. The next Fashion Fuel might be Fat Fuel.