Farm Armies

Urging More Protection for Crops and Livestock, the federal government is seeking to manage threatening agricultural pathogens and encourage local officials to form response networks to increase communication between scientists, first-responders, the federal government, and farmers.

“Enhancing federal farm agencies is now a critical need.

“To concentrate only in prevention — to plan to see an outbreak in its early stages — is like spotting a needle in a haystack. The United States should prepare for those pathogens that could do the most economic damage, while preparing more broadly for others.”

Agricultural Biosecurity

While the United States has vastly increased funding for homeland security and the military, two food safety experts warned that gaps remain in the nation’s ability to adequately protect its crops and livestock from devastating pests and pathogens.

The experts cautioned that these threats, introduced naturally, accidentally or intentionally, have the potential to disrupt the U.S. economy through reduced food quality and quantity, domestic and international embargoes, and lost jobs.

When I used the title ‘Farm Armies’ I knew I would be rhetorically tilting at the windmill of officialdom.

I am writing a warning that leaders are assuming too much of their requirements and respecting the local community too little.

If the federal government needs ‘response networks’ against ‘threat networks’ or against only cows or just plain germs, I believe that the local official must never be required to give a damn.

Families and children and parks and schools and teams and volunteers and pipes and sewers and neighborhoods and shopping and cops and crooks is local. Plus civility. Plus charity. What is not these is another branch of government.

In recent years, local governments seem to become less local.

We may be no longer be local. Blame it on Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society, but after many years of brightened intellect and media, Federal or State or Regional Agencies have entered townships with devastating potency.

By justifying and erecting global, international, bi-lateral, cross-border, multi-state, inter-agency, bio-, eco-, etho-, anti-, pro- and no- policies from large governments, local leaders have become the chattel of feifdoms rather than the servants of the free.

I’m writing about the we that is you.
Foot at your door you.
Local You.

Big Government, Big Agency, Big Security, [Hell. Big Brand, Big Corporate, Big Media too], are migrants from a distant culture. But these are not the migrants that help or smile or hide and run.

Ronald Reagan failed to take government off our shoulders. Recent Government has not removed the burden of government from the proverbial over-taxed and over-regulated chicken egg. Bigger Government has been gilding the egg instead.

These are new migrant populations that may be more imposing because they are more important. Since 9/11 and Iraq, since threat and wartime, these huge emerging cultures are increasingly cured over the fire of a creeping Homeland bureaucracy too.

Our communities are enduring over-arching policies that we know can cripple the substance of our local character and reshape our human culture and twist the onus of our democracy.

I think that wartime asks us to defer our private needs, but I also think that wise leaders will divert strategic and logistic policy only to defined, restrained and polite Agencies, or only to their siblings in our States.

Local governments can hoist flags, applaud parades and scurry under a helmet of shelter, but they are never war and should not be concerned with a greater security than a good night’s sleep.

Stop the Feds.

Civilian and local society requires a place without large institutions.
Localities are more precious than policy and more crucial than war.

Local is local.