fail to tell our own

Treasury Secretary Paulson and other senior Bush financial regulators flouted the law. The Bush administration wanted to cover up the depth of the financial crisis that its policies had caused.

Economics Populist:

I have a hard time understanding Americans sometimes.

They seem to have unlimited ability for outrage against government workers collecting middle-class paychecks, but can’t seem to work up a protest against a massive amount of fraud and theft from people who don’t live next door to them.

Why is that?

We, and by that I mean working people, have been betrayed at every level, and the average American just cannot accept it. The deception is so broad, and so complete, that Americans have turned to blaming scapegoats instead. Because they can’t accept that fact, when all the evidence points toward it, they are easily used and manipulated.

Their crime is trusting people who are obviously lying to them.