FAIL Our Forever

I give our media a red-circled F during this election for no other reason than they were too tender and too pandering to study lies about oil. It matters.

In the graph below, Oil Production to 2030, you will see no increase in oil production for nations that are not OPEC or radical or just plain nuts.

Yet the nuts running for office in our land dared to buy propaganda luring us to Alaska’s pittance and long shot deep water speculations while editors and pundits failed to tell us there are no facts in these expensive political billboards and commercials.

Putting an end to hot air might be one of the most important tasks in our energy future.

We might find another Saudi Arabia under our feet and drain a few extra years, but we will not get there in a politics of lies that our timid and well-dressed media fails to stop. There’s much to be done. Science and good thinking will help us.

Oil production to 2030