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Why the Republican Party Must Die – Generational Theft and End of Republicans – Esquire

So now all taxes are socialism and any kind of deficit spending is generational theft? This is just crazy talk. But we’re used to crazy talk from fringy Republicans.

Either they’re trying to convince us that Adam and Eve rode dinosaurs or they’re insisting that 99 percent of the world’s scientists are wrong about global warming — and that they have a Professor of Dentistry at Oral Roberts University who can prove it. That you can pay down the deficit by cutting taxes. That the God of Love who embraced lepers and prostitutes is really the God of Gay-Bashing.

It’s hilarious the things these guys come up with.

What do Republicans stand for today?

Well, in truth, they don’t have a clue. But some evil mind in their ranks is telling them that, in the midst of the greatest crisis perhaps ever faced by the nation, they should simply oppose whatever Obama and his party suggests.


Is that all you’ve got?

If that is all you’ve got, then what you are doing should be deemed illegal. You aren’t even trying to offer us a new path; you are just doing what you did for the last eight years: wrecking America.