“Experts” Lift Gates

What can the richest man in the world do with his money?

  1. Let Microsoft seem to be failing.
  2. Let experts criticize Vista.
  3. Let public be led astray.
  4. Let profits soar.

While experts scorn Vista,
dribble Web 2.0,
tax Bandwidth,
scour China,
fear Google,
raid homes,
Microsoft profits soared to a record high in the first three months of 2007 due to Vista and Office.

Recent press:

Reports abound of security problems with the new Windows Vista operating system. The new operating system is too pricey, requires too many hardware upgrades and doesn’t work. Revenue forecasts [link] for the coming year are below most analysts’ estimates.

Current press:

While most reports beforehand were about problems with Microsoft and Vista, Microsoft’s profit jumped 65 percent, 50 cents per share [link].

Better press:

Microsoft’s latest gains are based on deferred revenue from upgrade coupons during Christmas

While misleading stories remain in our brain, money escapes our pockets. Not Einstein nor Bill Moyers have saved us.

In 10 Stunning Facts About Microsoft’s Profits, RawFeed reveals that Microsoft is collecting a profit of $55 million per day.