Everything but text

The ordinary citizen ought to be able to get information freely about all subjects in which he is interested, just as he can get geographical knowledge from maps and atlases. There is no field where humanisation of knowledge through the eye would not be possible. – Otto Neurath

Copyblogger. Pumping as usual but with a touch of reality.

One thing that many who publish online share in common is that we prefer to read. It’s faster to scan, pull out selected pieces of information, and decide whether to invest in a more careful examination.

The problem is, statistically the majority of people don’t like to read, and don’t comprehend and retain well when they do. The result is, those of us who publish only in text are fighting over a limited audience, while a larger group of people go under served.

Hidden in your ideas while reading the above is the future of the Internet.

(link to a rare article about Otto Neurath, his partner and wife Mary, and a link to the Isotype Institute)