ethics of the common good

On the goodness of the Puritans.

Isn’t the deeper issue what the people who came here were like, not what they ate in 1621?

What did they hope to gain by coming to the New World, and what values did they seek to practice?

The goodness of the Puritans is an ethics of the common good: Agree on what’s right and make it happen.

American theocracy? “The opposite is true,” says David Hall.

Overnight, most of the cruelties vanished.

Puritan rules and values are the basis of our separation of church and state… to restrain the clergy… to restrain the uses of power… to transfer authority to the people.

Ministers were not allowed to hold political office. Out went bishops. Out went centralized governance… The colonists turned away from all forms of hierarchy.

Obama to nation: ‘We’ve got to look out for one another’.