Estate of von Backenforth Saving Gas

Dehydrated WaterAfter a few hours ignoring annoyance and discomfort, it was clear from the start to this reporter that the Count von Backenforth Collection has been unfairly restrained or some say arrested in what the neighbors are calling a Tiffany Cacophony.

It’s common in these art and auction suburbs when declining mortgage values bring high value artifacts to the Saturday flea markets. There’s regal and there’s derelict. Goods are spooned like turkey stuffing from nearby public warehouse rentals to peddler stands under the white tents west of the pavement at First and Benedict Street.

If there are rich discoveries, it’s on the radio and the local public television, but everyone has a cover story like they found it near Tahiti or were guided by an inner way, and no, no Canadian cigarettes were in the back of the car since the dollar is in the basement.

A Backenforth attorney was found by this reporter to be in town. He said, ignoring the box of documents filed yesterday, that whether this is the way or that was, we should only bid during the Friday Sale please. He said to notice there was a reserve bid for four lots of the rolled way, the three are new and fortified, listed in the evening auction programme as New Tzu A, New Tzu AB, New Tzu A#3. These are the newest lots of Tzu since last October and are registered as revenue plus commission. He also said it doesn’t matter what they say later since the city’s cost and cashflow is included, he had a name for it he said, joking that he remembered the first time Ayn Rand called taxation “the squaring of the loop”, his words exactly.

I’ve also heard the Count von Backenforth offspring have filed eleven claims for property against the Huntingmen Archives in Santa Berra County Court on the 5th next month. At lunch the Clerk said they overheard the Bakenforth children say the Huntingmen’s authority isn’t valid and wasn’t in the Backenforth will and testament but scribbled on some cocktail bar brochure. The children say it’s a dilution of compensation, that’s what they wrote in the deposition, but he said it’s more along the lines of the missing automated deposits that were overdue Thursday.

Exclusive in this paper, you’ll be the first to hear the children settled the Count von Backenforth claims against Huntingmen Archives. They said the new Agreement about automated deposits would be increased by 14 per cent.

Later in the afternoon the judge said the details of the case were sealed but a new compensation award had been ordered by the Court. The deal gives the immediate von Backenforth survivors full rights to the old south county Bernard factory that has been held under another dubious Trust at the Huntingmen.

“It’s a fight to reverse global warming”, they said Tuesday, “By reducing rail, trucking, pipe and bottle tonnage weight and eliminating Schwarzenegger’s plan to expand the San Joaquin Irrigation Canal east of Phoenix, from here on out the von Backenforth’s New American Bernard Brand will soon will be the world’s top firm in dehydrated water.”