eight days

RT : We need water, we are on terrain Monpellier village, at delmas 33.

RT @my cousin just call said that she is alive at turgeau under the debris of the hospital of SODEC.please her # 38610990/38649188

RT @: Cuban doc need detergent 2 clean place where they receive patients. HELP! Location: near Cathedrale de Port-au-Prince #Haiti

RT @Ducasse is dehydrated and need food water. Rue lamarre impasse Mouzin next of Cine Capitol Port-auPrince #Haiti #HelpHaiti

RT @ 8 days without food carfour debwos in the yard of the Acra no one has gotten to us please help we ask that someone gets to us

RT @: orphan 74 dying babies, ONE LONE Caretaker -a poor old woman Eveline Louis Jacques: 2234-1429 / 3462-5154