Earning our learning

Our brave tomorrow.
Our ache of hope.
Our grief in war.

Collective Action

Paul DiPerna has an interview with Howard Rheingold:

What is happening now has to do with not only the expanded capabilities of individuals, but the new forms of collective action that people will inevitably concoct with the technological platforms and the media that are built on those platforms.

The action is on multiple levels simultaneously, just as it is in biology.

Now, it’s the individual technology, the technical network, the application layer, the psychological, social, economic layers. In biology, it was the cellular, organ, organism, ecosystem layering.

Our knitwork network

Bob Sutton writes:

1. Smart is first; to collaborate is smart.

2. Fight as if right and listen as if wrong.

3. Require experts to seek novices and teach novices to seek experts.

4. Teach that innovation is an import-export business.

5. Teaching success isn’t enough; how to fail saves us too.

All right.
Roll call.

When did you last hear or see “concoct“?