Each moment I am infinite

I am a slave and a saint.
I am a window cleaner, a truck driver, a president, a child.
I am a brother, a father, a lover, a bother, a fop.
I am experience itself and I enjoy this robust body.
I am a journey in a frame of an infinity of color.
I am a discourse of experiment in a cast of activity.
I am a contract to my future and a vault of my past.
I am a keeper of agreement, a binder of the book of life.
I am a hermetic priest, a mountain fool, and a noble man.
I am a ray of sunlight, a sparkle of a star.
I am a vibration in space, a creator of heaven.
I am a magnet of ideas and a vortex of results.
I am an agent of the cosmos, a clerk in an angel’s court.
I am a redeemable stamp, a currency in gold.
I am a charted position and a page of filigree.
I am a movement in a stream and a particle of air.
I am a mountain in a pebble and a peak below the sea.
I am an ancient lantern of perpetual wick.
I am electric mystery and frost of light.
I am a flame within a flame, a flicker and a furnace.
I am community and a nation of striving.
I am a script of opposites and a symphony of harmony.
I am an idea itself and a mirror of every day.
I am. I am. I am.
Each moment I am.
A moment infinite.
I enjoy this spirit.