During the VP Debate

Sarah Palin is really like this most of the time.Sarah Palin is, as John McCain, hiding criticism in every complement and an accusation in every claim.

A good education fixes this flaw, or a good amount of experience, or mere civility. Sarah’s gymnasium in the bush hasn’t done it. Her mentors and McCain are merely stooged privilege, more common and less novel, and the group of them are a small parade.

Sarah Palin will bring more hurt, higher tax, greater burden, less worldliness, more threat, greater dilution, more cruelty, less wealth, increased crisis, more poverty, more isolation, more scorn, fewer resources, greater argument, less research, stumbling progress, further distance, jingoist beliefs, trigger diplomacy, aggrandizing stumping, bravado politics, rigid authority, loose power, false affront, false persona, purported sincerity, small goals, tiny achievements, obsessive selfishness, massive favoritism and carnival skills.

I’m hoping this upset nation will not choose¬† a publican queen.

Someone strong, patient, smart, up-to-date, on top of the issues, informed, attentive, able, certain, affable, empathetic, clear, specific, supported, allied, courageous, engaged, decisive, thoughtful, prescient, respectful, loyal, determinant, capable, reserved, detailed, dutiful, embracing, experienced, trained, serious, alert, patient, comfortable, quick, accomplished, pioneering, complete, insightful, brave, understanding, and ready.