Douche the Press!

On Wednesday night, CNN’s Jessica Yellin talked to Anderson Cooper:

“The press corps was under enormous pressure from corporate executives, frankly, to make sure that this was a war presented in a way that was consistent with the patriotic fever in the nation and the president’s high approval ratings,” Yellin said.

“And my own experience at the White House was that the higher the president’s approval ratings, the more pressure I had from news executives — and I was not at this network at the time — but the more pressure I had from news executives to put on positive stories about the president, I think over time….”

But then a shocked Cooper jumped in, asking, “You had pressure from news executives to put on positive stories about the president?”

“[T]hey would edit my pieces,” Yellin said. “They would push me in different directions. They would turn down stories that were more critical, and try to put on pieces that were more positive.”

Big Media is chinked. Posts, threads, comments and rants are appearing all across the web. Maybe a few heads will roll, but maybe too late to ‘get’ Bush & Cheney. More very likely, the media will be forced to toughen up and these same “corporate execs”, as they too often are hidden, will pile onto Obama to destroy our next President.

Start here: Michael Calderone.

A good rant here too:

Currently, our mainstream media is so dreadfully bad, so corrupt, that it’s actually starting to border on criminal. And today, it appears some in the media are starting to sheepishly come out of hiding to let the world know that their corporate overlords have been using them as puppets for some time.

Gawd! What a sexist title on this post. I would change it but I think invoking vinegar is better.