Dopamine has roots

Bayer Heroin bottle“Not everyone knows that Heroin was invented by the German pharmaceutical company Bayer, makers of Aspirin.

It was viewed a safe alternative to morphine.

During the testing many researches found that together with pain killing the drug made them feel elated, euphoric and heroic. So the new drug was called Heroin.

It was banned in Germany only in 1969.”

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American Know-How Delivers Record Opium Crop

Congress outlawed the sale of heroin and cocaine in 1914. Prior to then, drugstores sold narcotics as popular cures and tonics. “Heroin” was actually Bayer’s trade name for its over-the-counter cough medicine. Coca-Cola, a fountain drink, was invented by an Atlanta druggist; its kick came from the coca leaf.

In ninety-three years, narcotics have gone from quaint drugstore notions to ubiquitous small-town evils.

“American Know-How Delivers Record Opium Crop” appeared in the September 8, 2006 issue of the West Virginia State Journal and in the September 10, 2006 issue of the Clarksburg (WV) Exponent-Telegram.