Dismantle Libya

Naw. Do ya think?

Muammar GaddafiLibyan leader Muammar Gaddafi on Saturday called on Libyans to endorse his proposal to dismantle the government and give the oil wealth directly to the country’s 5 million people.

The speech was broadcast on state television.

“Do not be afraid to take directly the oil money and the responsibility to create the right government structures that further the interests of the people.”

“The administration has failed and the state economy has failed.

“Enough is enough.”

Gaddafi would hand out all earnings from oil directly to the masses.

Gaddafi will dismantle all ministries except Foreign Affairs, Defense, Security and Justice.

Each of Libya’s five million citizens would get his or her own share of the more than $30 billion earned from oil sales per year. [article two]

“Libyans, this is your historic opportunity to take over your oil wealth, power and full freedom. Why do you want the chance to slip away from you?”